From a mom of four boys

Yes, they are all mine; no, I’m not going to try for a girl; yes, I did secretly want a little princess of my own; and yes, I am waaayyy outnumbered at home. These are the answers to questions that I have been asked by numerous people, all jovial and well meaning, when they find out I am the mother to four strapping boys. I don’t really mind though. It is a bit overwhelming to see, especially if one is to imagine what our daily home life is like. Its loud and stinky. The grocery bill is outrageous. Bodily functions are spoken about routinely, and happen more often than not. There is dirt, creepy crawlies, slimy things, dead things. There are constant sporting events, band concerts, academic meets. There is stress, disappointment, exhaustion, heartache. But, most of all, there is laughter and love. That is the life of a mom of four boys.

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