When Mom is sick

Why is it, when mom is sick, that it seems like no one knows how to pick up the slack with house chores? Clean the kitchen? No, let’s leave it dirty for when mom feels better. Pick up your clothes when you change? No, let’s just drop our discarded laundry wherever we took it off (Are people changing in the hallway??). Wash a load of laundry? No, just start a new stack of dirty smelly clothes. Mom needs something to do while she is at home sick. Cook your own dinner? No, let’s go ask mom what there is to eat and complain that we don’t know how to fix anything. Is it my fault? Have I been raising a bunch of dependent, needy humans, or is it because I have all boys? I mean, for goodness sake! I’ve taught y’all how to do all of this! Come on guys, help a mother out.

2 thoughts on “When Mom is sick”

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