The Flu has struck the circus

This afternoon, when #4 walked in the door, he was coughing, and snorting, and moaning and groaning. I new what that meant. The same situation we have at my work with half the office out. The flu has arrived in our house. I got him in bed, checked his temp, gave him some meds, and fixed him some hot tea. He looks at me, with his big, dark glassy eyes, “Mom? Am I dying”? “What? No!” I say. “Why would you even ask that? It’s just the flu, bud. Its gotta run its course. You will be fine “. #4 is prone to dramatics a bit. He will be fine. This just means that we will have a another sick kiddo in a few days when it jumps to the next in line. By the way, we did get our flu shots. It doesn’t always work. So coughs, sneezes, sniffles, and fevers, hot tea, lysol, and sleepless nights are our future for just a while.

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