The Boys and Chores

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I believe children should have their own chores that they are responsible for. It builds character, teaches responsibility, and it is part of being a family. The boys have shared and individual chores. The older two feed and water cows during the week, make sure their rooms are picked up, do their own laundry, and clean up after supper each night. The younger two take turns taking out the trash, feed and water the dogs, clean their room, and help out with their laundry. I do not think this is too much to ask of kids, especially kids their ages. There are times, on the weekend, that I may ask all of them to help me out with some of the deep cleaning tasks that I normally do. More often than not, I don’t bother though. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and prefer to just do it myself. In the summer time they are expected to help with yard work, they are strong, strapping young men after all.

Even though I think this isn’t too much to ask of the boys, if you were to ask them how they felt, they would tell you that they do everything in the house, and their dad and I don’t do anything at all. Never mind that we both work full time, ten hours a day jobs. Never mind that I come home every night and cook a home-cooked meal for my family of six. Never mind that my every weekend is spent vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, mopping and scrubbing gross bathrooms used primarily by males. Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely appreciate any and all help that I can get, but just a little credit would be nice.

Every once in a while though, magic happens. I will come home from running to town to get groceries, and someone has vacuumed, or the floor has been mopped. All without having to say anything to anyone. They really have no idea what those moments mean to a mom. One less thing to have to worry about.

So yes, I believe in chores for kids. My boys are extremely hard working, they volunteer quite often to help out when in the community, most of the time they show respect for others, and they will have useful skills when they are out on their own in this big world. What are your thoughts on children and chores?

2 thoughts on “The Boys and Chores”

  1. Yes I believe in chores. My own kids never had to many they did on a daily bases but like you I am alittle picky about a lot of things , and feel I too could just do it myself to make sure it is done right. And you are not a terrible mom for asking them to help out around the house , they are old enough and mature enough to help out now, and after all you deserve some help after all !

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