Spring Break

Today marks the beginning of spring break here at the circus. We had plans for #2 to take his drivers test, take a trip to the zoo with the fam, and maybe go see a movie. Some of those plans may have to be canceled or postponed. The weather people are calling for rain for almost the entire week and of course covid-19 brings on worries of being around other people.

Speaking of Covid-19, what is with the shortage of toilet paper and cleaning supplies. The hubbs and I went to the store this morning to pick up a few things, and the store had zero packages of toilet paper, and the cleaning supplies were almost all gone. We saw a lady who had a shopping cart full of generic all purpose cleaner with bleach, and what looked like the last of the John Wayne toilet paper. It kind of set me off. We have 6 people in our household. Three of which are teenage boys and 1 preteen. We go through a lot of toilet paper, and for there not to be any to buy, is just absolutely ridiculous. Hopefully we have enough TP on hand to get us through this shortage. Hubbs said there is always corncobs.

To add to this absurd consumer purchasing, the stores are also out of Vitamin C vitamins. I was going to buy some just to give us an extra boost (I have some pre-existing health conditions), but that idea was kiboshed fairly quickly.

So, this spring break may be quite dull for the monkeys. It is extremely hard to entertain older kids when they are used to always doing something. Pray that a wrestling match or a fist fight doesn’t break out in the coming days under this bored big top.

2 thoughts on “Spring Break”

  1. This will definitely be different for everyone. Hang in there. Maybe mud fights aren’t out of the question as long as they can wash off outside. LOL.


  2. The zoo actually closed lol lots of other events as well. Hopefully the boys don’t starting fighting soon. I know my littles have. We have new games to play and hopefully it’ll dry up for next weekend! Hang in there!


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