Homeschool, Gardening, and Snakes! Oh My!

Its been a busy week here at the circus! We have started home school. So far, it seems to be going fairly well. We are just doing one subject per day per kid, keeping it simple and light. After April 6th, our school district will be implementing a distance learning program. It will be a new experience for everyone and I think the boys are kind of excited to get started.

While they have been working on their school work, I have decided to start a veggie garden. This past weekend, the boys, hubbs, and I moved the vacant chicken run and coop, and I tilled up a spot. I ran the tiller through again yesterday, and then this morning, got all of the seeds and started plants planted in the plot.

As I was working, I moved an old potato grow bag that had been sitting in the same spot for a year. I had just barely scooted it out of its position when I noticed a small snake. So, I called my resident snake wrangler, a.k.a. #2. He comes over and inspects it and informs me that it is just a type of garter snake. I said, “Ok, please move it somewhere else.” #2 proceeds to chase me around the yard with it. While I did allow him to have a pet snake, I do not want to touch one or have one thrown on me. #2 decides he is going to recruit #3 and #4 to help chase me down with a second snake that was found in the same spot. As you can see from the pictures above, I locked myself in the garage while they stood outside mocking me. Eventually, the snakes were re-homed into the wooded area that is next to our place and I was able to get back to work on the garden. Fun times!

After finishing up all the planting, I look over into the side lot, and the cows have broke through the panels and are in the pen where we put new momma cows and their calves. I called out for back up from the monkeys, and wouldn’t you know it, not a single soul could be found. So, I ended up getting all the cows out of the pen and fixed the panel where they had gotten in.

Now, here I sit, feeling like the day should be over. This momma is exhausted and it is only half way through the day. How is everyone out there passing the time and social distancing with their families?

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