Back to School and New Normals

Well, the boys are back in school. They were all ready to head back and see their friends. Number 1 is a senior now! I can’t believe it. Childhood passes too quickly for this momma.

So, I had been pretty vague with my past posts, but since everyone knows in our family and community, I figured I could share with all of you. Number 1 has had a serious girlfriend now for a year. She is the sweetest girl too. In just a few weeks, the 2 of them will become parents. We will be welcoming a sweet, little baby girl into our family. As you can imagine, it was really hard on our families at first to hear this news. They are very young. However, we are all so excited now. A baby is always a blessing, and I get to be a grandma! The parents are both extremely mature and I know they will be amazing parents. They have so much support and love backing them up, they will do great!

I just wanted to stop by and give everyone an update. Hopefully, I can get back into the swing of writing and post more often. I have a lot to say.

By the way, I have started a new Etsy shop. So if you wouldn’t mind, stop by and take a look.

Until next time, thanks for stopping by!

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