The Changing of the Seasons

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Fall is in full swing here in our neck of the woods. Temperatures are swinging from hot to cool and then back again, and leaves are beginning to change. When everything around us seems to be at a standstill, the earth keeps her schedule with the changing of seasons.

Our big top is in a transition season. We have childhood, teens, young adulthood, and middle age all happening at the same time. It can be complete chaos at times. At other times, it is absolutely beautiful. Our children are growing into who they will be, and it is awe inspiring to be able to be here to witness their transformations.

Even though #1 is young, he is a father now. I can’t begin to describe to you the pride we have in how he has accepted this new role. He is an amazing father and is very present. He is in a committed relationship with the mother of his child, and they seem to be doing really well with their new little. She is perfect though, so I don’t see how they couldn’t be.

Number 2 is learning to balance his interests with school and he is growing as a person and he navigates the teen years. His bullriding scares this momma a bit, but he seems to love it, so there is nothing I can do but support his dreams and aspirations.

Number 3 is a young teen. He is dealing with all the new hormones that come along with that age and trying to learn who he is as a person. He is my sensitive soul. He had a rough start to life in his first 3 years, but I could not be more proud of the effort he puts into the things he loves.

Number 4 is my quirky kid. He is a preteen and is in his last year of elementary school. He will be moving up with the big boys next year. He is so intelligent. Some times that intelligence gets him into trouble with his smart mouth. He will learn though, or he won’t. No matter what though, I see big things in this boy’s future.

The hubbs and I are kinda just rolling with the seasons, trying to hold on as we raise these monkeys. Let me tell you though, being a grandparent is the most amazing thing. That little girl is just precious and she will know she is loved, always.

What season is your circus in?

1 thought on “The Changing of the Seasons”

  1. I can’t express how proud I am of you and your hubby and the beautiful family you have. You too have had your shares of ups and downs and the sometimes cruelty of life. You have rolled with the punches Always with grace and respect. You both are wonderful role models For your family and for your community.


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