I am not normally one to give my political opinion. I think some people would be surprised about my leanings. I’m giving it to you now. Sort of.

I’m tired of hearing about politics. I’m tired of the hate and vitriol spewing from people’s mouths and hearts. I’m tired of friends and family not being able to have a difference of opinion without being vilified for their beliefs. I’m tired of the word “racist” being thrown at people just because of who they vote for. I’m tired of people being called ignorant or uneducated because of who they voted for. I’m tired of the news reporters shoving their personal opinions down their viewer’s throats and trying to influence votes. I’m tired of celebrity’s doing the same. I’m tired of the Democrats. I’m tired of the Republicans. I’m tired of the right AND the left.

What happened to our country? What happened to the citizens who banded together and supported one another during times of national crisis, despite race, income, gender, and political affiliation? I miss those people.

Some people think me naive when I ask, “Why can’t everyone just get along?” I’m not naive. I know that people can’t always get along. My kids can’t even get along most of the time. But, there is no excuse for the absolute cruelty and hate that I witness everywhere I turn.

People, we are ONE nation. At one point, every single one of us loved this country, and we loved the majority of the people who lived here.

Get over yourselves and just show humility, kindness, and respect for your fellow Americans.

That’s my opinion about this whole mess. I love you all. Thanks for stopping by.

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